Celeb Chef Gets a Pass for Gas Stoves

Get a load of this one folks, a celebrity chef in California gets an EXEMPTION from the gas stove ban.

Rules for thee, but not for me!

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California is proving once again that rules are only applied to the peasant class, not the celebrity or political elite.

Celebrity José Andrés will be given an exemption that will allow his new restaurant to use gas stoves.

Apparently this loophole has been opened because his restaurant group applied for the building permit in 2019 before the city council revised the building codes which required all new buildings to be electric.

The city didn’t want to face a lawsuit, so Andrés gets a pass to cook gourmet food using a method that actually…cooks gourmet food.

While I’m not mad that the exemption has been made, it’s quite ludicrous that new restaurateurs have to be penalized and forced to cook with electricity while others get a pass.

This isn’t about saving Mother Earth, this is another control mechanism put in place by Democrats to tighten the screws on us all.

Just another reason to flee to a red state, and fast!

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