With the federal government’s June 1st debt ceiling deadline fast approaching, President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy will meet later today to continue negotiations on a deal to raise the debt ceiling.  Over the weekend, talks stalled as Republican negotiators turned down a White House offer to limit spending on both defense and domestically.  Republicans looked for more defense spending with greater domestic concessions.  House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) joins Mike Emanuel on the FOX News Rundown to discuss the latest in the negotiations.  Plus, he addresses the findings of the Durham report as well as his take on the 2024 Republican Presidential primary.


A drug intended to treat type 2 diabetes has become popular amongst those trying to lose weight. Ozempic is a weekly injection that has been proven to reduce a person’s body mass index below the clinical threshold for obesity. Now, teens are turning to drug and bariatric surgery as more adolescents in the United States become overweight.  FOX News Medical Contributor, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat joins the Rundown to discuss the risk factors associated with the drug, why it needs to be paired with diet and exercise to be effective, and the reasons she believes the pandemic contributed to the rise in obesity in America.


Plus, commentary from former House Oversight Chair and Host of The Jason In The House Podcast, Jason Chaffetz.