Former U.S. Senate candidate in New York Joe Pinion joins Fox Across America With guest host Jason Chaffetz to give his take on New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to house migrants in public school gyms throughout the Big Apple.

“I think this is par for the course with the people on the far Left. It is very easy to be for everybody getting anything they want, any time they want, just as long as you are not personally responsible for covering the cost. And so these same Democrats that told us that the border crisis was a Republican talking point, the same people that ignored the reality of the fentanyl that was streaming into this country at levels high enough to kill every man, woman and child that calls this nation home every single month, suddenly, that very real crisis has come to a town near you here in New York City, where again, we don’t have the resources to care for these individuals. Yes, there are individuals that need to be given dignity, but that dignity should not supersede our responsibility to the safety and security of the people that call New York City home, starting with the sacrosanct nature of our children. And so if we know that it’s very difficult for parents sometimes to even get on school grounds because we’re so concerned with the safety of our children in a world where school shootings are real, in a world where child abuse is at levels we have never seen before, then why in the world would you give people who we have no idea who they are or what their state of mind is, access to that precious landscape? The places where our children go every single day.”

Plus, Joe shares his thoughts on Marine veteran Daniel Penny being charged with second-degree manslaughter for the chokehold death of a homeless man earlier this month. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!