Miller Lite Goes Woke?!

First Bud Light and now Miller Lite has gone woke, too?!

Say it ain’t so!

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After the Bud Light/DYLAN MULVANEY controversy it was easy for me to ditch Bud Light, I never drank the stuff to begin with.

But now, my heart is breaking because my beer of choice- MILLER LITE- also released a woke ad.

The whole premise of the ad is that beer companies exploit women and all the sexy ads featuring women should be composted and destroyed. The ad is billed as a “reckoning” for the brand’s past sexism.

As a woman, I have never been offended by beer companies showcasing pretty women to sell beer. That’s pretty standard.

I am far more offended that Miller Lite AND Bud Light have gone woke, almost trying to outwoke one another!

Why are these companies going out of their way to offend their core customer base- straight men?!

Just stop! These brands don’t need to lean into social justice movements or feminism or race baiting. Just… I don’t know…market and sell beer to ALL Americans and leave the activism out of the recipe!

Is that too much to ask?! I think not.

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