Veterans OUT, Illegals IN!

Thousands of illegal immigrants are sliding into this country and make no mistake, this is not by Biden error, ignorance or incompetence, this is by CHOICE.

And now they are taking up space once afforded to US veterans.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Last week 83,000 illegals came into this country. That is MORE than the capacity of Cowboys Stadium!

And ready to be even more infuriated?

These illegals are pushing out homeless veterans for space in hotels, housing and other facilities.

The message is pretty clear from up top: if you serve your country and end up homeless, tough luck BUT if you invade our country with no respect for it, Democrats will give you: perks, treats, hotel rooms, cell phones, and the key to the kingdom.

Illegals are coming to a city, town or community near you. You can bet on that.

What OUGHT to happen is all the states that voted for Biden in 2020 get the illegals. Pack all your dreamers into blue cities and states and enjoy!

Red states didn’t vote for this, why should we pay the price?!

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