CA Police Department Going All-Electric

One California police department is transiting to all electric vehicles, which I assume will come in handy during hours-long police chases! NOT!

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The state of California was the first to announce a ban on gas-powered vehicles so it comes as no surprise the electrification of everything is beginning.

That’s all fine and dandy for soccer moms getting kids to and from practice but perhaps not so much for law enforcement officers who must rely on their vehicles to…I don’t know..stop crime.

But that reality didn’t occur to the South Pasadena Police Department, they will transition to an all-electric fleet of Teslas.

Now I have nothing against Teslas and I personally admire Elon Musk and company, but does anyone else foresee some potential problems in the heat of summer when Governor Newsom calls on residents to ration their power usage…

If the grid can’t take it now, imagine even more electric vehicles sucking off it…

Imagine if the OJ Simpson chase took place under these conditions…the cruiser would run out of charge!

Green energy is only great if it’s effective and this has inefficiency written all over it!

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