It is the site where Moses first saw the burning bush, where God commanded him to tell Pharoah, “Let my people go!” It is where the Israelites traveled to after being freed from slavery in Egypt, by God’s Holy hand, and where He gave them His law, The Ten Commandments. Mount Sinai is a critical and monumental part of the redemptive narrative in the Bible. And yet archeologists have not definitively pinpointed its exact location. St. Catherine’s Eastern Orthodox Monastery is built in the Sinai Peninsula, where tradition holds Mt. Sinai sits, but yet there’s no archeological evidence that over a million people were there, or camped there, or created a Golden Calf to worship after growing tired of waiting for Moses who spent some 40 days atop the mountain receiving the law. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, documentary filmmaker Tim Mahoney talks about his new “Patterns of Evidence” documentary “Journey To Mount Sinai.” Mahoney says he’s uncovered evidence that points to Mt. Sinai being in a totally different location than archeologists have previously explored, which is why they’ve found few fragments of clues indicating the site. In fact, Mahoney’s film highlights five possible locations, the strongest one being in Saudia Arabia. The film will be released through Fathom Events May 15-17.