President Biden met with Speaker McCarthy and other top Congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss raising the nation’s debt limit ahead of a looming default. Although neither party was willing to change their stance surrounding the limit increase and spending cuts, a second meeting is in the works, which some believe to be a sign of progress. The Treasury’s extraordinary measures are set to expire in June, leaving federal benefits, job losses, and access to capital at stake. FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram explores the possible consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling and the impacts it could have on benefits. Later, he discusses the constitutionality of having a debt limit and the potential for the 14th Amendment to be invoked.
May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month, and people across the globe have been working to break the stigma and raise awareness surrounding behavioral health issues. Democratic Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09) has become a spokesperson for mental health in promoting his upcoming book, Lost and Broken: My Journey Back from Chronic Pain and Crippling Anxiety. He joins the podcast to discuss his battles with anxiety and chronic pain in hopes to open a widespread conversation, without guilt or shame, about mental health.