KJP Blasted for Debt Ceiling Comparison

Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said something utterly stupid again.

You’re shocked. I know.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Earlier this week Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre attempted to make the case for raising the debt ceiling by comparing it to a monthly car payment.

She tried to explain to the American people that the same way individuals are responsible for car or mortgage payments, Congress is responsible for paying our national debts.

She makes a good point, oh, except for the fact that she and her fellow Democrats are the SAME PEOPLE who advocate for student loan forgiveness!

I really can’t listen to a liberal lecture on personal responsibility and owning up to debt from someone who thinks we should all just take one on the chin for college students.

Sorry, no.

Congress needs to get SPENDING under control and Democrats need to turn off the freebie spigot before they utter another word about paying off debts or raising the ceiling on anything!

We the People are NOT your blank check!

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