A New York jury reached a verdict on Tuesday, finding former President Trump liable in E. Jean Caroll’s civil case against him for sexual abuse. The 2024 GOP front-runner responded to the news, calling the verdict “a disgrace.” Meanwhile, President Biden is facing a new low in his approval rating, causing many in his party to wonder if his candidacy for reelection is as strong as they once thought. Republican strategist Colin Reed joins the podcast to discuss why he expects former President Trump to weather this scandal and which candidates will benefit from his legal woes. Later, Co-host of The Five and Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov joins the Rundown to discuss President Biden’s troubling poll numbers and why she forecasts an uphill battle for Senate Democrats in 2024.

President Biden has been calling for reform in the airline industry after recent prominent delays and cancellations, including the Federal Aviation Administration outage earlier this year, left travelers stranded. The administration announced earlier this week a proposal to amend the current airline rules for cancellations to now force airlines to financially compensate travelers with cash for errors that delay their travel. Aviation expert and President of Boyd Group International, Michael Boyd, joins the Rundown to discuss how Southwest handled their December outage, explain the current system for major airlines to compensate their passengers, and explain why understaffing within the FAA is causing industry-wide problems.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.