‘His Staff Is Hiding Him’: Howard Kurtz On Biden’s Lack Of Press Interviews

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Howard Kurtz, Host of Fox News Channel’s ‘MediaBuzz’ joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss Trump’s return to CNN and Biden’s lack of press interviews and press conferences.

Kurtz reacted to Biden’s reluctance to do press interviews saying,

I really think his staff is hiding him, hiding him from the press, hiding him from unscripted moments. And I think that’s contributed to the sense of political weakness about Joe Biden. If you can’t regularly drive a message by taking tough questions from journalists and I’m not talking about the ones where he gives five-second answers by the helicopter and you can’t really hear him or the questioner. Right. So it’s not just press conferences. It’s sitting down for interviews with people other than the friendly folks at MSNBC. He has basically shut down the process of dealing with the press.”