School Boards Cuts “Racist” Music Classes

A school board in Washington state is cutting music classes over claims of “white supremacy.”

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You know this song and dance, folks. Everything is racist and everything is offensive.

Apparently that’s how one Washington state school board feels about music classes. I kid you not.

Board members in Olympia School District voted to cut band and orchestra for fourth-grade students due to “problems with how elementary instrumental music is administered.”

Yes, that’s right folks, these social justice wokesters are really trying to assert that providing music classes as an elective offering disproportionately slights people of color and allows white kids to thrive.

I don’t care what way they want to virtue signal this, it’s absurdity.

Why would ANY SCHOOL want to TAKE AWAY offerings for students, regardless of race and label it “equity?”

You don’t advance equality or equity or achievement by calling everything racist and robbing young people of opportunities.

You know the woke mind virus has hit a fever pitch when Liberals are deeming band and orchestra to be tools of white supremacy.

Get a life!

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