“The Rise of A.I.”: It was last year that the Biden administration proposed a blueprint for an “A.I. Bill of Rights,” which sought to protect Americans from the consequences of unchecked artificial intelligence. A recent Fox News poll shows 76% of voters want to see federal regulation on A.I. technology, as Americans worry many common jobs could be replaced by the advanced technology being developed. Fox Business Digital writer Eric Revell joins the podcast to discuss why he believes artificial intelligence won’t be replacing most professions any time soon, the need for A.I. to have human oversight, and how Americans may be interacting with artificial intelligence without realizing it.

But first, the Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing this week to evaluate whether Congress can require the Supreme Court to adopt a binding code of ethics. This comes after one of the nine justices failed to disclose private luxury travel and accommodations from a wealthy Republican donor. Both parties agree that the Supreme Court needs to adopt guidelines for justices to abide by but cannot agree on how to move forward. Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream joins the podcast to discuss how this will affect justices in the future, the controversy surrounding the debt ceiling, and how the end of Title 42 may worsen the strain on the southern border.

Plus, commentary from former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey.