WNBA’s Brittney Griner Supports Bio Men in Women’s Sports

WOMEN’S basketball player and former Russian detainee, Brittney Griner supports biological men competing against women.

Makes sense, if you’re a liberal!

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Before Brittney Griner was detained in a Russian prison for 10 months, she was known for her career in women’s professional sports.

But though she has the women’s category to thank for her entire career, she is now defending biological men competing and dominating in that very category.

In fact, she took it a step further. Speaking at an event in Phoenix, Griner said she thinks it’s a CRIME to prevent men from competing as women and vowed to use her platform to speak out against such bans.

That’s a pretty wild and hypocritical stance for a WOMEN’S league athlete to take given she would not have a career AT ALL if not for the integrity of women’s categories up until the rainbow mafia took over!

Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe has taken the same position.

These women are not feminists, they don’t fight for women and they oughta be ashamed they’re selling womanhood down the river like this.

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