Illegal Immigrant Murders His Neighbors

An illegal immigrant murders his neighbors- execution style- but the Left still blames the gun that apparently went rogue all by itself.

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Francisco Oropesa is the illegal immigrant who shot five of his neighbors- including an 8-year-old child- in Texas over the weekend, reportedly because they asked him to stop target practicing in his yard after midnight.

I’m sure you’ll just be shocked to know that not only is Francisco Oropesa an illegal alien but he’s..wait for it..a criminal illegal alien who re-entered the US illegally, several times.

But the Left wants you to believe this is just another incident wherein magical guns go berserk all on their own, so we must better regulate them.

Maybe instead of infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans we just..I don’t know.. keep illegal immigrants and especially felon illegal immigrants from doing whatever they please and tap dancing all over our national sovereignty and basic laws!

But you can expect this story to disappear from the headlines because as we know when the shooter is an illegal or a transgender, the narrative doesn’t fit the agenda.

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