“THE RISE OF A.I.”: Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and being used more widely. From patient care to diagnostics, A.I. has already made its way into the medical community. Some see the advancements as positive, catching things a doctor might miss. But the increased use of AI is also raising concerns, as some fear it could deny patients the personal attention they need or even replace nurses and doctors. FOX News Medical Contributor and Professor at NYU Langone Health, Dr. Marc Siegel joins the FOX News Rundown to discuss the ‘Rise Of A.I.’ in health care and how the technology is already being used in hospitals, his concerns over where AI advancements could go in the future, and why he feels AI should always only be used as a tool and not a replacement for doctors.

But First … The GOP’s debt ceiling bill passed in the House — but President Biden remains unwilling to negotiate as the bill makes its way to the Senate, where a Democratic majority is likely to strike it down. Meanwhile, as new inflation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers disappoint economists who predicted quicker economic recovery in the U.S., many Americans worry that the potential inability to reach a debt ceiling consensus combined with weak economic numbers could mean trouble for America’s financial well-being. On the Rundown, Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Congressman Bryan Steil (R-WI), discusses why he believes the debt ceiling debate is primarily fueled by Democrats “having their heads in the sand,” how irresponsible government spending has played a role in our weak economy, and the creation of his legislation, the ‘Putting Investors First Act.’

Plus, commentary by New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz.