While Disney is embroiled in the culture wars and litigation with the state of Florida, another entertainment alternative is coming into its own; one that holds to the foundational faith values that built America, perhaps the values the Disney brand used to have. It’s called The Logos Theater. And it’s not just stage productions, but also a film studio and a conservatory that’s part of its umbrella organization, The Academy of the Arts based in Taylor, South Carolina. Logos is Greek for ‘Word’. Theologically its meaning is far richer and deeper. Logos is The “Principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.” When John’s Gospel opens with, “In the beginning was the Word…” it’s actually the Logos. Not just God’s Word, but His “Created order”. The stage productions include larger than life puppets they create, like Aslan, the Lion from C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” There are horses that can be ridden for their production of “A Horse and His Boy”, which will be on stage at the Museum of the Bible in Washington. D.C. this summer. And a scary figure known as “Dark Despair” from “Pilgrim’s Progress”. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, listen to the theater’s artistic director Nicole Stratton and Master Puppeteer Justin Swain talk passionately about this ministry in the arts they believe God has raised for such a time as this.