Extra: “Nobody Knew How Much Pain I Was Fighting Everyday.” How Jay Glazer Became A ‘Mental Health Warrior’

Jay Glazer has been breaking NFL news for years on FOX Sports. You may have even heard his coverage of this weekend’s NFL Draft.

But there’s a side to Glazer that millions of football fans may not be aware of.

The reporter has been battling depression and anxiety his entire life.

Jay Glazer recently join the FOX News Rundown’s Dave Anthony to discuss those struggles and why he works so hard to destigmatize mental illness.

Glazer shared some uplifting and heartbreaking stories from his book, “Unbreakable: Lessons For Living From A Mental Health Warrior” including a time when he nearly died following a medical procedure.

Due to time limitations, we could not include all of the discussion in our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire interview with FOX Sports NFL Inside and ‘Mental Health Warrior’ Jay Glazer as he continues to deal with his personal struggles and finds purpose in helping people with similar problems.