Lesbian Visibility Week, Oh Boy

Press Secretary Karine Jeane Pierre celebrates “lesbian visibility” week and in case you missed it, allow me to fill you in.

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Check your calendars, folks. I bet you didn’t know it was “lesbian visibility week.”

Thank goodness our White House press secretary was there to remind us.

She stood at that coveted lectern this week with the cast of the show “The L Word” to praise President Joe for recognizing the unique contributions lesbians make to the world.

Our country is going to hell in a handbasket but you can rest assured and seek comfort in the fact your president recognizes the unique contributions of lesbians and also promotes them within his administration based on the diversity quotient, alone.

It’s really gonna come in handy should WWIII break out, send in the lesbians!

Although I’m still rather confused because lesbians are defined as women who are sexually attracted to other women but the Democrats are also unable to define what a woman is so…the math ain’t mathing here. Oh well.

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