Where is the Trans Shooter’s Manifesto?!

Tennessee Officials say the FBI is slow-rolling the release of the trans Nashville shooter’s manifesto reportedly due to concerns it could be bad PR for the LGBTQ community.

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It’s been nearly a month since a trans shooter murdered 6 Christians at Covenant School here in Nashville, but unsurprisingly, the shooter’s manifesto has still not been released.

The FBI continues to stall its release and it’s reportedly due in part because its contents could be damaging to the LGBTQ community.

Excuse me but I don’t give a flying rainbow about molly-coddling, perhaps the most extreme, entitled and increasingly violent “community” in America today.

Those with knowledge of what’s in it have shared the manifesto is really a blueprint on total destruction and Covenant school was just the beginning of what she had planned.

The PR plan of the LGBTQ community does not override the public’s right to know. And If the medications or hormones this person was pumped with to be “trans” had any affect on her mentality or state of mind, we deserve to know that too!

We will not allow Democrats to use the Nashville shooting to push for more gun infringements when they won’t even level with us on the actual motive!

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