Dems Introduce Bill to Help LGBTQ Illegal Immigrants Avoid Detention

Democrats introduce a bill to prevent LGBTQ illegal immigrants from being held in custody and no- this is not a joke.

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You’ve heard the expression “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” well for Democrats it’s more like, if there’s any way they can speed up and exacerbate the crisis of illegals invading this country, they’ll do it and they’ll do it with a smile!

So here’s a new one for ya, Democrats in the House and Senate introduced a new bill to give a free pass to..basically every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jose that comes across our border, illegally.

It’s called the “Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act” and yes, I too just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

This bill would make it harder to hold illegals in custody if they fall into what liberals deem a “vulnerable category” such as being gay, lesbian or transgender or those who don’t speak English.

They’ve done it folks, Democrats have combined their two favorite things: illegal immigration and gay issues into one package that’s sure to make the illegal immigration crisis even worse.

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