This week, lawmakers raised concerns about a recent intelligence leak and its exposure of classified information pertaining to Russian and Ukrainian forces amid the ongoing war on Ukraine. Although Pentagon officials have claimed that the leaked documents pose a great risk to national security, President Biden downplayed the impact of its contents. While many of the documents have not yet been authenticated, the substance of the intelligence reveals contradicting information related to Ukraine’s military ahead of a Spring offensive, leading many to question whether the leak will change plans as the war progresses. Former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson discusses his takeaways from the documents, the gravity of the leak, and what it reveals about the future of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Many cybersecurity experts have raised serious concerns about the recent leak of classified information from the Pentagon, speaking to the gravity of the situation and its implications. Retired 4 Star General, Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War, and FOX News Senior Strategic Analyst Jack Keane assesses the level of damage this leak has imposed on cybersecurity and provides insight into the intelligence that 21-year-old National Guardsman Jack Teixeira allegedly revealed. General Keane later details what the leak exposes about United States’ allies and espionage through Chinese spy balloons, and outlines the next steps surrounding the issue of access control.