Weed Sales Eclipse What?!

This week some celebrated “pot day” but turns out, more Americans are purchasing legal weed than chocolate.

Could this explain a lot?

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

I’m not a fan of weed, I don’t smoke it, never have, never will but apparently people like me are becoming the minority.

A new report from MJBizDaily, a cannabis industry outlet, shows legal pot sales have eclipsed chocolate, yes chocolate.

Legal marijuana raked in $30 billion while chocolate sales only reached $20 billion, according to this report.

But there’s more. Turns out pot sales have also exceeded craft beer, opioid medications and topical pain relief.

And experts predict by 2028 legal pot could reach upwards of $57 billion in sales.

I mean, good for those in the weed industry. I’m a capitalist and all but I can’t help but wonder if the increasing percentage of weed users are contributing to the horrible voting patterns of the last few years!

Is this how Joe got elected?!

Maybe put down the pot and pick up a book ahead of 2024!