Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on his decision to endorse former President Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination instead of the Sunshine State’s Governor, Ron DeSantis.

“Well, part of it was because the DeSantis team started like pinging people. Now, I’ve never had a conversation with any of them. I’ve never had a conversation with Governor DeSantis. Like he’s never reached out to me. When I’ve tried to reach out to him to discuss issues I don’t get a response. And suddenly his team is suddenly reaching out. So I think it was really their team trying to push people because DeSantis was going to be in Washington this past week. And he was. I’ve always supported the president. I’ve always been Team Trump. I was kind of waiting until things started working out. We have a governor who hasn’t even announced that he’s running for president. And so I didn’t really think that the timing needed to happen. But as soon as I got involved and announced my support for the president, then Vern Buchanan did, then Gus Bilirakis did, the John Rutherford did, then Brian Mast did, and we kind of had this flurry of activity because there was so much focus, I think, this past week on those two races.”

Plus, Rep. Steube blasts House Democrats for voting against The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, a bill that he introduced. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!