New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu tells Brian Kilmeade he is surprised Donald Trump is leading in the polls. Sununu says three months ago he would have said no way Trump would be leading but believes the Democrats have done a wonderful job of allowing him to be a victim and the victim card builds a lot of empathy and sympathy. When asked about Ron DeSantis hitting back at Donald Trump with a political ad, Sununu says it is good he starting to swing back against Trump. When asked what his messaging would be against Trump, Sununu said his frustration would be to call out the former President for not fulfilling his promise to secure the border, not being fiscally disciplined by spending over 8 trillion while never trying to balance the budget. Plus Sununu also hit Trump over failing to fulfil his promise on healthcare reform. On the democrat side, Sununu does not think President Biden will be the nominee and thinks it will be California Governor Gavin Newsom, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker or someone else. When asked how anybody would think Governor Newsom would be a good candidate, Sununu said, “It would be great. I can’t wait to run against Governor Newsom. I mean, that would be wonderful.” As far as to when he will make a decision on running for President, Sununu says sometime this summer.