Dog Treated for Alcoholism in the UK

Have you ever heard of an “alcoholic dog?”

Well, you’re about to.

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Folks, this next story out of England sounds like a parody headline, but it’s not.

A 2-year-old lab mix pup has been rescued in England and put into treatment for alcohol addiction.

This pup named Coco arrived at a rescue facility with his companion canine pal after their owner passed away. The on-site vet noticed the dogs were suffering from fits symptomatic of alcohol withdrawal.

The other pup sadly didn’t make it but luckily the vet was able to administer emergency care for Coco, saving his life.

It’s unclear how the dogs got into their situation but one thing is clear, if not for the quick work of the rescue shelter and vet, Coco wouldn’t have made it.

It took Coco 4 weeks under sedation to help with the severe withdrawal symptoms and he is still not mentally recovered or ready for adoption.

Pro tip, keep your dogs off the sauce!

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