Bragg Comes for Rep. Jim Jordan!

Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg is proving- once again- that he will weaponize his office for political gain.

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Manhattan DA Bragg is cracking down on dangerous criminals again. Just kidding.

No, he’s going after Republican political opponents and weaponizing the judicial system against his critics after being rightfully accused of..weaponizing the judicial system against Donald Trump over an alleged hush money scheme. Rich.

Now Bragg’s got his sights set on Congressman Jim Jordan- suing him over Trump indictment subpoenas.

So basically, because Jim Jordan is attempting to hold him accountable, Bragg is coming after him.

Coming after Trump and now Jim Jordan as if those 2 are the biggest dangers to New York Freakin City.

Nobody is undermining his case against Trump because in order to undermine it..he’d have to have a case to begin with!

DA Bragg is digging his own grave because if I know Congressman Jim Jordan- and I do- Bragg picked the wrong patriot to mess with!

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