Congressman Dan Crenshaw,(R-TX) tells Brian Kilmeade democrats and republicans are united on Taiwan but President Biden needs to get on board instead of listening to our adversaries. Crenshaw also explained the reason we have been slow to get Taiwan the weapons they need and slow in our ability to build the military equipment we need is because the production lines for military equipment haven’t been used in many years and it is physically impossible to produce the weapons fast enough when the people who build military equipment shut down production. Crenshaw also discussed his interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on the shootings at a Nashville Christian school. Crenshaw says he wished he pushed back on what he believes is a crazy mentality by the left that it is bad to think a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. Crenshaw points out that CNN and other cooperate offices are protected by armed guards and so by their logic, they should fire all their armed security because they believe if when there is one bad guy with a gun, it is doubly dangerous to have a good guy with another gun.