On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to move tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus, a neighboring nation of Ukraine. Russia has suffered many recent setbacks at the hands of the Ukrainian army, and experts suspect the steady depletion of Russian forces has motivated the Kremlin’s latest nuclear intimidation tactic. Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley joins the Rundown to break down Russia’s strategy behind this announcement, how the U.S. should respond if international nuclear tensions are elevated, and the impact the political protests in Israel could have on the United States.

After a deadly mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, President Biden has renewed his previous push for a national assault weapons ban. Police have revealed that despite the fact that the 28-year-old shooter had been receiving treatment for an emotional disorder, they had legally purchased several guns and hidden them before using them in their attack. Now, national conversations about mental health and gun control are happening once again. First, former NYPD Inspector Paul Mauro explains key aspects of the police response to school shootings and why gun legislation from Congress needs more nuance. Later, The Brady Center Against Gun Violence President Kris Brown joins to discuss the future of new gun laws and the issue of mental health in America.

Plus, commentary from co-host of Fox & Friends Weekends and Host of ‘The Will Cain Podcast’ Will Cain.