Trump Grand Jury Shenanigans

The New York grand jury meetings were cancelled yesterday, could this mean the Manhattan DA’s office is scrambling?

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For reasons unknown, the grand jury in New York investigating the Trump/Stormy Daniels hush money allegations did not meet yesterday.

They are supposed to resume hearings today but yesterday’s mystery cancellation could speak volumes.

Some sources are speculating some turmoil in the Manhattan DA’s office. Perhaps some on the inside are starting to realize this fairytale case against our former and maybe future president, is flimsy at best.

If Trump isn’t arrested, I suspect the only person more disappointed than the Leftists in the media will be Trump himself. This case is good for ratings AND for Trump’s poll numbers.

I think Trump relishes the fact he can expose the two-tiered justice system AND has the opportunity to test the loyalty of prominent Republicans.

Trump has already used his pending arrest to nail DeSantis to the cross and for many of his supporters, it’s been effective.

Trump is a fighter and the country is his boxing ring right now. Fight on.

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