Fox Business correspondent Gerri Willis joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss the recently-launched “Fearless & Proud Podcast”, in which she examines acts of bravery and strength by women throughout history.

“These are women who lead a raid to destroy Confederate Southern plantations, the very center of the southern economy. And are successful, burn them down. Free hundreds and hundreds of slaves, of course I’m talking about Harriet Tubman. Another woman, Elizabeth Van Loo, goes undercover. She lives in Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy. She is a wealthy lady and she lies right into the face of people she’s known for years, misleads them, gets information from them, sends it to the Union. I mean, like that’s so cool. Now imagine this. So this woman has a network of spies she’s developed. She’s bribing people for information, right? So she is able by the late part of the War, to send her reports directly to General Grant’s breakfast table in the battlefield, along with flowers from her farm and that day’s Richmond newspaper. This woman could execute.”

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