Leave Washing Machines ALONE

First they came for gas stoves and now washing machines!

Come and take it, Joe!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

First they came after our gas stoves and now the administration’s climate change police has its sights set on your washing machines!

Biden’s Department of Energy proposed new “efficiency standards” for washing machines that will require them to use less water- all to fight climate change.

But leading manufacturers are crying foul saying these new guidelines will reduce washing performance- ya know the whole point of the machine in the first place!

Washing cycles would also take longer, detergent will cost more and clothes will ultimately be less clean.

And all for what? So the administration can appease Big Green.

This is not for the environment, folks. This is just another example of government overreach and control.

We won’t wear dirty clothes, Joe! Not gonna happen!

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