Extra: 20 Years Later … The Story Behind Elizabeth Smart’s Miraculous Rescue

Last week marked 20 years since Elizabeth Smart’s rescue. In 2003, the world was shocked to learn the 14-year-old girl was alive after spending nine months being held captive by the kidnappers who abducted her from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Her disappearance captured the attention of the nation, and her parents became regulars on TV as they urged the country to look for her.

Chris Thomas, the publicist who managed the media on behalf of the Smart family following her kidnapping, joined host Chris Foster recently to discuss the effort that went into keeping Elizabeth’s story in the media spotlight, and how the publicity was critical to her return home.

Thomas broke down new details about the infamous search for the missing teenager, as well as the difficulties the Smart family had navigating both the media and the police. He also describes the moment it was discovered that Elizabeth Smart was found alive and highlights how Elizabeth and her family continue to advocate for women, girls, and abuse victims.

Due to time limitations, we could not include all of the discussion in our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire interview with Chris Thomas and learn more about Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping and the story behind her incredible rescue.