Recent moves made by the Biden administration on the border and oil drilling suggest the President is pivoting his policies toward the center in anticipation of a 2024 run. President Biden made these policy decisions as the federal government was forced to quickly react to American anxieties over recent bank failures and a Russian fighter jet colliding with a U.S. Reaper drone. Co-anchor of ‘America’s Newsroom’ and host of the “Everything Will Be Okay” podcast, Dana Perino, joins to discuss which issues will be front of mind for voters in 2024. Later, Dana previews some of the guests and topics covered in the new season of her podcast, including her conversation with Benjamin Hall about his journey of recovery after narrowly surviving a missile attack while covering the war in Ukraine.

Amid the House Oversight Committee’s investigation, congressional lawmakers from both parties unanimously approved a bill that would declassify information related to the origins of the COVID-19 virus. During a hearing last week, Republicans took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci for supporting theories that the virus originated “naturally” from exposure to animals. Dr. Robert Redfield, on the other hand, believes the virus likely originated from an accidental lab leak. The former CDC Director under President Trump joins the Rundown to discuss the science behind coronavirus infections, why the virus could have originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, and why he says Dr. Fauci has an “incorrect” recollection of the early weeks of the pandemic.

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