House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) tells Brian Kilmeade there needs to be real scrutiny with the money being sent to Ukraine and we have to see if they are getting the tools they need. Scalise says it is important for the world to see Putin’s army exposed. Scalise believes China is still our biggest threat and is not sure if the Biden administration has got the right focus there. Scalise points out that China working out an agreement with Iran is not good for America or Israel. On the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the potential impact on the economy, Scalise feels this is very different than 2008 and this is a sign of what happens when for two years, spending trillions of dollars drives inflation through the roof. Scalise says the House will be having hearings on what led to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Scalise also discussed his legislation, the Lower Energy Costs Act to show our country how we can produce energy in America again and lower costs for families. Plus, Scalise on the latest with the negotiations between President Biden & Speaker McCarthy on the debt ceiling.