Parent Bill of Rights

House Republicans have introduced a “Parents Bill of Rights” and shocker- Democrats aren’t on board!

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Parents should know what their students are learning in the taxpayer funded liberal indoctrination camps once known as public schools.

This shouldn’t be a partisan thing- but go figure- it is.

House Republicans are leading the charge with the “Parents Bill of Rights Act” which is exactly what it sounds like- legislation aimed at allowing parents to know and examine classroom curricula and voice their concerns without being labeled “domestic terrorists” for doing so.

What a concept!

You won’t be shocked to hear that every single Democrat voted against this bill in committee.

Bad move, donkeys, bad move, because THIS could very well be THE issue that sways independents and brings new voters into the GOP fold.

Protecting children shouldn’t be partisan but if Democrats want to opt out, we will gladly make it a conservative issue!

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