Maine Cracks Down on Vanity Plates

Motorists in Maine are pushing back on the state’s vanity plate crackdown.

Creative or too far?

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For many years the state of Maine had little restriction on those cheeky personalized vanity license plates but thanks to some folks going too far, the Maine Legislature directed the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to reestablish a system for vetting the state’s roughly 120,000 vanity license plates.

274 plates were deemed inappropriate and recalled.

But some of those plate owners are pushing back and appealing the decision, including one vegan who desperately wants the world to know he loves tofu, by putting it on his license plate.

Now the reason for the recall on the tofu plate is interesting, officials say the moniker “L-U-V-T-O-F-U” could also be taken as a sexual reference instead of the bizarre affinity for bean curd.

I’m a big free speech buff but I don’t see the need to plaster obscene words or phrases on the back of your vehicle. Just get a nice sticker and call it a day!

May I suggest “DeSantis 2024?”

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