Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines this week when his comments aired on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, saying US support for Ukraine amid its war with Russia was not a “vital national interest.” These comments from the expected 2024 GOP candidate drew swift backlash from prominent members of the Republican Party, including Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Marco Rubio. FOX News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar joins the podcast to explain how waning support for Ukraine could become a weakness in a general election, what lane each announced 2024 GOP candidate might take in the primaries, and the motivations behind the Biden administration’s pivot to the center.

While there are signs inflation is cooling, consumer prices are still going up, and families are still paying more for basic things than they did a year ago. And if higher grocery bills weren’t enough stress, the current banking crisis is only creating more anxiety for Americans. Brian Brenberg, Co-Host of FOX Business’ ‘The Big Money Show,’ explains why inflation remains high, how worried we should be about the banking system, and what tools the Federal Reserve has to address these concerns.

Plus, commentary from Senior Director of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America, Doreen Denny.