Dagen McDowell Blasts Bailout Of Silicon Valley Bank: ‘It’s Absurd What This Government Has Done’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dagen McDowell, Co-Host of The Bottom Line on Fox Business joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the fallout surrounding Silicon Valley Bank and the instability of the banking sector as contagion fears spread.

Dagen gave her take on the fallout saying,

“So there is no banking crisis. Period. There was a crisis at Silicon Valley Bank. And the people with a vested interest and having that rich people bank bailed out. Sure as heck caused a panic because if they didn’t cause a panic and peddle that panic to the American people and the folks in Washington, these hysteria hucksters. If they didn’t do that publicly and privately, as we know, say, Gavin Newsom, given the White House a ring, a ding ding over the weekend, despite his family, despite his family having money from their wineries, instead, Silicon Valley Bank, if this panic peddling hadn’t gone on. Then the depositors at Silicon Valley Bank would not have been made whole. They got 100% of their money insured by the government. Unheard of. So what I’m saying is their panic peddling was done to make sure that the people in Washington made everybody whole out in Silicon Valley the richest, wealthiest sliver of this country.


“It’s absurd what this government has done to prop up rich, wealthy people in the last week. It’s appalling.”