It has been an eventful couple of weeks on Capitol Hill, as news surrounding the origins of COVID-19 and the future of the economy continue surprising both government officials and the American public. As a result, House Republicans are hard at work digging into both topics — as the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic investigates the lack of transparency given to Americans regarding the origins of COVID-19, and the House Ways and Means Committee holds hearings regarding the President’s new budget proposal, the national debt, and inflation. New York Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, a member of the House and Ways Committee, joins to discuss House Republicans’ unanimous vote to declassify information relating to links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and COVID’s origins and what she learned from questioning Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen at the latest House Ways and Means hearing. She also discusses her new bill, the “Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act.”

This past Sunday marked the 20th anniversary of the return of Elizabeth Smart. It shocked many to learn the 14-year-old girl was alive after the nine months she spent in captivity after being abducted right from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah. The case captured the attention of the nation, and now the publicist who managed the media on behalf of the Smart family following her kidnapping has written a book, Unexpected: The Backstory of Finding Elizabeth Smart. The author, Chris Thomas, joins to break down new details about the infamous search for the missing teenager and the difficulties the Smart family had with the media. He remembers the moment it was discovered that Elizabeth Smart was alive and highlights how Elizabeth and her family continue to advocate for women, girls, and abuse victims.

Plus, commentary by former White House Press Secretary & ‘Outnumbered’ Co-Host, Kayleigh McEnany.