When it comes to the issue of gender, how do you talk to your young children? How do you push back against the tide of wokeness and indoctrination going on in public schools? Bethany Bomberger asserts that, “We as Christians don’t have the luxury of being silent.” She and husband Ryan have made it easier for Christian parents to reinforce their beliefs about what it means to be male or female. Their new book, “She Is She”, is an illustrated children’s book tackling the difficult subject of gender, in a simple and direct way. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, the Bombergers talks about how the book shows what the culture has taught for centuries about gender, what the Bible says about gender, and also what science says about gender, as it constantly reinforces biblical truths. The Bombergers are the creators of the Radiance Foundation, a faith-based pro-life organization working to educate the culture on life shaping issues. The conflict over gender has become one of the most pressing they’ve had to address. They’ve spent a lot of time in School Board meetings in Loudoun Country, Virginia, one of countless school districts in the country that see it their duty to hide a student’s gender status from parents. Bethany says, “We don’t have the luxury of just being bulldozed by an industry that is targeting our kids at younger and younger ages.”