Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jones joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his analysis of why he does not think the U.S. Marine Corps is adequately prepared for potential future conflicts.

“We spent 20 years fighting a war that was a today war, and we spent those 20 years neglecting a war that is a tomorrow war. Our Marine Corps right now is disbanding major chunks of itself because the count on the Marine Corps, understands politics and sold the Congress, hey, I can change what the Marine Corps does to make it better for the future and it won’t cost you a dime. But what it is costing us is almost a decade of security. We’re getting rid of parts of Marine Corps that would be necessary for a fight like Ukraine. So God forbid we get into that type of fight and send troops there, we wouldn’t have the capabilities to do it, all to make our Pacific back door more secure in a way that’s almost antiquated itself. So I don’t mean to be too nerdy here, but my point is what we’re doing is we’re letting go of capabilities that are stalwart, fundamental, like artillery, certain parts of our infantry, certain parts of our air wing in order to create what’s called lateral or like land and water force opportunities. And in doing so, we’ve sold off all this stuff probably to Ukraine, and we’ll take eight years to backfill with the new capabilities. So we’ve got eight years of hoping we don’t get in a war because the Marine Corps will be largely ineffective during that time.”

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