Bill Barr: The Cartels Have Corrupted The Mexican Government

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Bill Barr, Former U.S. Attorney General joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the massive fentanyl crisis in America fueled by the drug cartels who are responsible for the tragic murders of American citizens kidnapped near the Mexico border.

Barr explained the power the drug cartels have in Mexico saying,

“They control a tremendous portion of the country. The government is not interested in stopping them. It won’t do anything seriously to challenge them. It’s sharing sovereignty with them. It’s it’s, you know, a sort of peaceful coexistence. They have neither the will nor the ability to curtail the cartels. The cartels have corrupted the Mexican government, as they do almost all Mexican governments with the oceans of money that they have and those that they can’t corrupt, they’ll intimidate with terrorism and terror tactics.”