Bill Hemmer On Reporting From Southern Border: ‘Our Understanding Is Enhanced So Much More By Putting Your Eyes On It’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Bill Hemmer, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom on Fox News Channel joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss his recent visit to the U.S. southern border. America’s Newsroom broadcasted from Yuma, Arizona where officials warn that drug cartels are exploiting the unsecured border.

Hemmer detailed his experience from Yuma saying,

“If you drive 160 miles south and west of Phenix, Arizona, away from the Super Bowl, you see one of the biggest manmade catastrophes that you will in the entire planet, something that’s been going on for two and a half years, arguably, if not longer. But it’s been a real mess and a real crisis since you’ve had a new administration. And I’m thinking if we if we can get this event so well done, how can we be so bad at that? And I agree with your observation at the outset. So many of these stories guide. Our understanding is enhanced so much more by putting your eyes on it and just understanding yourself, looking people in the eye and understanding where things are situated. I learned a ton of things.”