You may not like Mary Eberstadt’s conclusions. You may even vehemently disagree with them. But the data is solid; you can’t change facts. Her thesis, drawn from various scholarly studies, shows how the sexual revolution completely changed the world; like a Pandora’s Box, unleashing so many of the ills we see today in our culture: increased crime, drug abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, wokeness, cancel culture, and also deepening depression among the younger generation. She also blames it for creating what she describes as a “secular religion” that is in fact challenging Christianity’s moral foundations. It’s no wonder it took the Holy Spirit to inspire the spiritual awakening we’re now seeing in Asbury University and other schools. The so-called sexual liberation of the sixties and seventies brought catastrophic changes to the Western world, most of which were never foreseen except by a handful experts who no one listened to. Now, Eberstadt is sounding the alarm. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Eberstadt, Senior Research Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute, talks about her book “Adam and Eve After the Pill Revisited.” She explains how contraception, while accepted today as normal and good, was once quite controversial. But the point is, when everyone was debating the morality of artificial contraception, it was thought that giving women the opportunity to better time their pregnancies, would make abortion obsolete and out of wedlock births a thing of the past. Children would be brought into loving homes, ready to give them all the nurturing they needed. But it turns out the opposite happened. Contraception, abortion, and out of wedlock births all increased exponentially. Pandora is still on the move today.