Gabbard: Take Care of Ohio Residents First

After a recent visit to East Palestine, Ohio, former Congresswoman and Fox News Contributor Tulsi Gabbard joined the show and told guest host Rich Zeoli the Biden administration needs to prioritize the residents of East Palestine, Ohio before the people of Ukraine.

“The thing that came up from folks who live there is, you know, they’re being told, hey, you know, you get $1000 inconvenience fee from Norfolk Southern, but they’re thinking about the long term negative ramifications of this catastrophe on their health, on their community, the value of their homes is going to go way down. Their property taxes were assessed at values prior to this accident happening and you know there’s a lot of poor folks who live in that community. So this is a very real thing and it really angers them tremendously to see President Biden choose to visit Ukraine instead of choosing to visit them. And then going and continuing to write these blank checks, spending our taxpayer dollars to pay for pensions for people in Ukraine to pay for schools and for people in Ukraine and all of these things that would be great if we had an endless amount of money and we want to be kind and compassionate, but that’s just not reality. That’s not the world we live in.”

Listen Below:

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