Former Vice President Mike Pence joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed how the Biden Administration has been absent without leadership in East Palestine, OH. Pence promised that if the derailment happened under the Trump Administration, “We would have deployed people, resources. FEMA would have been on the ground that day, the EPA would have been on the ground that day.” Pence also expressed how he was pleased to see President Biden standing in Kiev expressing our support to give the Ukrainian people what they need to defeat Russia. Pence added, he believes President Biden should have gone to East Palestine before he went to Kiev and he should have gone to the Southern border a year ago before he went to Poland the first time. Pence also was asked about Speaker Kevin McCarthy giving Tucker Carlson hours of unreleased tapes of January 6th. Pence commended McCarthy for his commitment transparency and believes the American people have the right to all the information to better understand exactly where the failings were and the scope of the violence that took place that day.

Plus, Pence on his timetable for making a decision to run for President in 2024.