Enough Don Lemon Pearl Clutching!

Ok, this pearl clutching over Don Lemon’s comments on female aging is getting a little old and whiny.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Last week Don Lemon made a comment on CNN about Nikki Haley not being in her prime at age 51- saying that women are in their prime from their 20s to maybe their 40s.

Well as we all WELL KNOW by now, the comment didn’t go over well.

The comment was disrespectful and offensive but goodness, get over it people.

I’m a woman- still in my prime according to Don- and I thought it was a cringey comment to make but newsflash, the man has said a lot worse about Trump supporters and conservatives in general!

Don Lemon has been nailed to the cross and crucified for his comment and was pulled off the morning show for nearly a week because of it.

He returned to the show but only after receiving “formal training” on his hurtful and sexist comments.

It irritates me when conservatives cheer on cancel culture when it suits our side.

I’m offended mothers can’t find baby formula. I’m offended our country is being overrun by illegal immigrants. I’m offended the people of East Palestine have been basically ignored. I’m offended our country is going to crap. But am I offended Don Lemon thinks women are past their prime in their 50s, no!

Nikki Haley is a Republican presidential candidate, she better get used to being bashed by the media!

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