Science FINALLY Recognizes Natural Immunity!

BREAKING NEWS, the COVID science and health wardens are FINALLY acknowledging NATURAL IMMUNITY!

Wow, only took about 2 years to admit it!

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Well hell hath frozen over, but likely 2 years too late, new research has shown that natural immunity from COVID is just as effective- or even more so- than the COVID vaccine.

This latest study found that natural immunity cut hospitalization and death risk from COVID by 88% for at least 10 months.

Knock me over with a feather, how nice of researchers to finally admit it! Too bad millions of Americans were coerced into getting the COVID vaccine before this little doozy was finally acknowledged!

The COVID vaccine does not and never did prevent infection or spread, we were lied to and now the truth is finally coming out little by little.

Perhaps that’s why state, local and federal leaders- mostly democrats- want COVID amnesty like we are just supposed to forgive and forget how they terrorized us with mandates, closures, and BS for YEARS!

Folks, I have long identified as one of those “conspiracy theorists” who questioned that load of bull the government and media fed us on COVID- and my preferred pronouns are “I TOLD YOU SO!”

The COVID era is over but our country is gonna be paying for its mishandling for generations!

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