Super Bowl Sick Out?

An estimated 26 million American workers had a “Super Bowl Sick Monday” while one state is considering making the day after the big game an actual holiday.

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Whether you’re a sports fan or just a fan of beer, wings, and commercials- chances are you partook in big game festivities on Super Bowl Sunday.

But did you muster up the work ethic to go to work yesterday?

Well, an estimated 26 million Americans did not. And this is a “super bowl sick out” Monday we see year after year.

So in response, one Tennessee state senator has proposed making the day after the big game a holiday, instead.

In order to finagle this, he is proposing an off-day swap with Columbus Day.

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute here. Are we really gonna discard a day of historic significance to appease football watchers who ate too many wings and crushed too many alcoholic beverages to attend work the next day?!

No no no. If you want Monday off, take it off- being hungover does NOT a national holiday make!

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